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The future is really, really uncertain

I'd like to explore divination a little bit. The act of divining the future in a role playing game is essentially asking your GM for clues. there is a little wiggle room about what divination is or can be used for, but that's really the heart of it. It's such a widely used magical trope that it's bound to pop up in basically any system that magic (or something like magic, lookin' at you psionics) exists in. The crystal ball, scrying pool, and telling fortunes in entrails, along with all sorts of other stuff are as much a part of magic as a fireball or levitation. I find it hard to divorce divination from any given magic system altogether, so instead I want to explore ways to mitigate it's potential for abuse and ways to make divination interesting as both a player and a GM.

Playing With Puzzles

When I was young, I used to put together a lot of jigsaw puzzles. There were all types of them. Some were simple puzzles totaling 50 pieces, meant for children. Some were average puzzles with symmetrical pieces. My favorite puzzles were the complex ones, with colorful, busy pictures and large piece counts. I loved puzzles back then. And now is no exception. When anything even resembling a puzzle turns up in a gaming session, I am all over it.

The Human Invasion

This month's blog carnival up on Hereticwerks is about invasive species.  I could not resist taking this opportunity to talk about my all time favorite invasive species - humans.


In a fantasy setting, humans are often weaker than other races when you compare natural abilities.  Their advantage tends to lie in adaptability, audacious drive, and a severe addiction to progress.  The old races look on humans with resignation, knowing that as humanity thrives the world will change permanently.

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