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A GM Notebook's Evolution (RPG Blog Carnival)

My GM notebook.  Well, for starters, I have not always been the most organized person with game notes.  Most of my game notes began in the margins of class notebooks.  Often times school was boring, and no one really bothers you when you're writing words (as opposed to doodling).  Outside of that, I loved creating NPCs, and pages torn from school lectures and copious character sheets combined to fill a single bulging blue folder.

How would you describe yourself?

In one of my previous articles I talked about character creation and today I’d like to take a trip to what some people find the hardest part of that process: a character description, and describing your newly minted character to your fellow players. This is often blank slate creativity stuff that people often struggle with (right up there with naming a character) and has a long-lasting impact on your character as well as the way everybody at the table pictures him/her.

When Encounters Go Bad

The Unforgivable Devices


Despite a GM’s best intentions, it is not unheard of that something they put into their game, whether it be a puzzle with no clues or an impossible fight, will end up rubbing an entire group of players the wrong way. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes GMs and players are not on the same page when it comes to what they consider acceptable GM practices.

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