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The Human Invasion

This month's blog carnival up on Hereticwerks is about invasive species.  I could not resist taking this opportunity to talk about my all time favorite invasive species - humans.


In a fantasy setting, humans are often weaker than other races when you compare natural abilities.  Their advantage tends to lie in adaptability, audacious drive, and a severe addiction to progress.  The old races look on humans with resignation, knowing that as humanity thrives the world will change permanently.

Audio Inspiration

For just about as long as I've been role playing we've been using music. This started with our friend Sean (at least I think it started with him), who has something of a flair for theatrics. He would lay out elaborate scenes and epic encounters and rehearse them along with his chosen music, it got pretty intense. Nowadays we don't set up things like that to musical cues like he did, unfortunately. As we play almost exclusively over the internet, there is no way to know that each person is listening to the same song. However, we still use music for practically every game, and practically every scene. We each approach this differently, some of us plan music for each scene and each NPC, some get a pile of music that has wide applications and use it wherever appropriate, and just one of us lets somebody else do it.

The role and impact of non-player party characters in a game

Throughout the long and distinguished age of tabletop roleplaying games, there have always been PCs and NPCs. In the vast subsets that make up the NPC world, there dwells the fabled non-player party characters (NPPCs for short. Confusing, I know.). To speak its name brings fear to thousands of GMs and players around the world. What are these mysterious beings, and why are they in my party?

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