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Kickstarter, August 17!
Hey everyone!As many of you know, we've been working on House Rule for many years now, and the Kickstarter has always been just around the next corner.  We're happy to announce that a date has finally been set, and we're very excited to move into beta phase!The House Rule Gaming Kickstarter will launch on August 17, 2016.You can view our Kicks... Read more
The Price of Progress
Getting that last bit of XP needed to level up is a wonderful feeling. It’s amazing to see your hard rolls pay off, and a standard leveling system pays off in a huge way. By standard I mean D&D and such, where you collect experience points until you reach a new level, getting abilities and stats and generally becoming more powerful. Reach... Read more
Theater of the Mind
The other day we did some role playing sans-battle board.  Now don't get me wrong, I like battle maps, especially the beautiful detailed ones we see from companies like Paizo, but bringing the entire scene to life in your head has it's own kind of charm.The players were lowering a huge drill from a space ship to a moon.  (It was veeery re... Read more