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We talk about and play games, bring role-players together, and fight dragons.
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Campaign Brainstorming - Time Travel
The other day, I was watching DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and thought to myself, “This would be an amazing premise for a role-playing game!”  The villain has already won, but the players are still charged with the task of thwarting them through the use of time travel.While a campaign exactly like that would be a bit on the nose, it got me thinkin... Read more
House Rule Podcast Episode 33: Kickstarter!podcast
Interested in House Rule?  We have a short chat about what House Rule is all about and where we're going from here!  We cover the following topics:  What is House Rule? Why did we create House Rule? What makes House Rule different? What are our goals? What are House Rule Social events? Where are we going... Read more
Putting the Cart(ography) Before the Horse
After many years of walking around with a hole in my heart of which I was unaware, I finally invited Shadowrun into my life. It has actually been quite a while that we have been playing and though we usually run Shadowrun as a substitute when our full group for something else in unavailable, it is always hotly anticipated.Shadowrun excited a viscer... Read more